Make it different

Strategic objectives


In the area of changes

Changing attitude in the way of pursuing business through innovations
Combining of innovations and traditional sectors
We are in the heart and brain of the industrial-technological revolution

In the area of Seed / Venture Capital

We are performing all investments efficiently, so the result was an increase in the value of individual companies
We are searching for new opportunities with high growth potential at both the initial and advanced stages of the life cycle of a company or project
We are creating business strategies and carrying out effective changes

In the area of start-ups

We are searching for interesting opportunities in the field of innovations
We provide beginning entrepreneurs and companies with support in bringing their products to market
We support the start-up community with innovative ideas

Americká 340/31, Vinohrady
120 00 Prague 2

IČO: 27387291

+420 222 524 310