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Delta Wood & Living


Delta Wood & Living s.r.o. is a supplier of Delta house housing. He is engaged in the construction and design of family houses, which he subsequently realizes. These are wooden buildings that use wood from Belarusian nature. This wood is not only denser than our latitudes, but also due to the natural growth of trees in natural habitats. Another specific fact of the Delta House home is the short construction time. Upon completion of the foundation slab, a rough building is built within 4 weeks. The client is given ready-made turnkey house within 3 months.
For the construction of family houses, we have obtained an exclusive license for the use of unique building material, RigiStabil, with the use of which can be solved structures with increased requirements for mechanical and fire resistance.

Delta House is not only building a basement, it is also a direct supplier of interior equipment such as wooden flooring, terraces, stairs, etc. Together with the house we can also supply custom kitchens, garden houses, sheds and other products for relaxation or hobbies your garden.
Delta House is the ideal partner for clients who want to have their house built quickly, quality and negotiation with only one supplier who is responsible for the entire construction process and provides a guarantee for the house and any equipment.

Americká 340/31, Vinohrady
120 00 Prague 2

IČO: 27387291

+420 222 524 310