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Delta Ventures


Delta Ventures is a division of venture capital in the Delta Capital group. It invests into young companies and projects that have products with high commercial potential.

Delta Ventures enters companies as an active partner. It brings know-how to the fields of business, commerce, project management or legal advice, since just these areas implicate the biggest problems for start-ups and may unnecessarily hamper the start of a new company. In addition it guarantees enough contacts to potential customers or business partners throughout Europe.

Currently, Delta Ventures is focusing on B2B projects. The main aimof our portfolio are projects in biotechnologies, ICT, education, medical and services.

Michael Broda MSc., MBA

Michael Broda MSc., MBA

Chief Investment Officer


Americká 340/31, Vinohrady
120 00 Prague 2

IČO: 27387291

+420 222 524 310